About Us

Vantage Point Brewing is so named for two distinct reasons:

  • One, the name can mean a place that affords a wide or advantageous perspective, or, a high place where people can gather to view scenery.  This represents the many high vistas and overlooks around the beautiful region surrounding Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Ours is an area known throughout the country for its magnificent mountains, busy ski resorts, big blue lakes and green pine tree valleys.

  • A vantage point is also a "way of thinking", or a set of opinions.  It's your point of view ... your outlook on life!

So whether you're sitting atop a mountain enjoying your view from an abandoned fire lookout tower, or pondering an important idea over a beautifully poured beer in our taproom...

We hope you enjoy your Vantage Point!


Vantage Point Brewing's mission is to create craft beers of the highest possible quality and consistency, using our specialized, top of the line, all-American made brewhouse in an as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way possible.

We want to provide an amazing place for locals and tourists to explore the flavors and history of our diverse beer line-up, while enjoying a variety of indoor and outdoor family-friendly games.


First of all - we're offering family-friendly food.  Stay tuned.

Also, the way we see it, more people than not are ready to go back to easy-drinking beer.  We think that you're looking for a beer that you can have two or three of and not be "wasted", full, or feeling like you've been licking a chalkboard.   

You know what I mean...  

  • Do you cringe slightly when offered an 9.8% ABV double dry-hopped quadruple IPA? 
  • Do you feel like you have to apologize to your friends that looooooove IPA's because you like American lagers and ambers?  
  • Do you want a beer that's not a sour mango, pumpkin, lavender imperial barleywine?  

We hear you, and we have news for you:

  • The "Good" - About 50% of our focus will be on expertly made "lighter" traditional beer styles including (but not limited to): American, Mexican, and German lagers; English ESB/ Amber, English Cask beer (or "real ale"); and other traditional German, Belgian and French styles.  You'll get a taste of Europe and beyond in the entire beer-color spectrum!

  • Expect low bitterness, low-to-mid alcohol content, and fewer calories in balanced, clean, crisp, and drinkable craft beers.

  • The "Bad" - Well, of course it's not bad (and many, many people agree) that there's lots of room in thirsty mouths and lonely fridges for tart sours, chewy and bitter IPA's, thick roasty stouts, and all kinds of barrel-aged goodness.  These modern craft beers will make up the other 50% of our line-up.  

  • Expect these beers to be big and flavorful and (we'll be honest)...sometimes kind of weird.  Of course we'll have flagship beers, but we plan to rotate some bold, interesting flavors through our fermenters!

Best of both worlds!  Everyone's happy!  

At least that's our Vantage Point...